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Leaders’ Oration

Chairman’s Oration
Make prosperous development by high quality.
Get improved through innovation.
Expand markets through excellent brand.
Win customers’ confidence through fine services.
Make sincere cooperation for bright future. CHTC JOVE will meet customer needs with excellent equipment, advanced technologies, reasonable configuration, and fine services.
Let’s create brilliance together in the grand tide of market economy.
General Manager’s Oration  

There is nothing that can’t be done well, only people who can’t do things well.
Build a lifetime development platform for the future.
As a stronger, one must show the heroic posture.
Though you can not make the sea surges, you can make waves of your life.
Do everything from now on and do everything by yourself.
A nine-storied tower rises from a heap of earth; a thousand li journey starts with the first step.
Where there is a will there is a way!

Self-respect, confidence, steadiness and foresight; everything derives from services and everything derives from customers.
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